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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate For Fpse

The game's backgrounds and environments contribute to the overall stunning visual realization of the franchise. Wanting to impress the epic scale of these battles upon gamers, Spike has created a system that allows for the destruction of the world around combatants. Energy blasts will create canyons and craters throughout the landscape, reinforcing the sense of power present in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. On a slightly down note, much of the locale damage reverts back to normal after the scripted attack sequence ends. Something with more permanence seems necessary in the future. 
So Ultimate Tenkaichi is gorgeous. You'll glean that much from screenshots and trailers, and to some degree we've seen other DBZ games manage fairly strong visuals. It's not much of a surprise that the latest and greatest title in the franchise yields the best results. However the gameplay this time around truly shocked me. On-screen interfaces and commands aside, it almost appears as if the cartoon is being remade on the screen. In-game fights certainly play out at a faster pace than their anime counterparts, and you don't have to deal with any "To Be Continued…" screens. 
Combat incorporates all of the moves you know and love from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The game cleverly chains ranged and proximity actions together through combos, which you'll execute through timed command prompts. In no time at all both players can quickly pull off dazzling attacks so long as they carefully manage a couple on-screen meters. Similarly, counter attacks feel equally easy to pull off, giving players reasonable opportunities to reverse momentum. To say Spike's fighting mechanics capture the spirit and speed of DBZ is a massive understatement. It helps that this type of combat is rare within the fighting genre. You won't see Street Fighter doing anything like this.
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